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What do I bring to the examination appointment?

Please bring proof of previous vaccinations, valid identification (i.e. Driver’s License / Passport), and proof of Covid vaccinations (2 doses for Moderna and Pfizer, single dose for J&J)

I-693 Medical Exam Checklist

  • Your partial filling of the form (your doctor will handle the rest).

  • A list of vaccines that you’ve previously had. The list has to be official, and if the language in which it was written is foreign, you will have to provide an authorized translation as well.

  • List of any chronic medical conditions that you may have, as well as any other medications that you may be taking.

  • If you’ve been hospitalized for a certain condition, you will have to provide written certification of your diagnosis and the course of your treatment. The prognosis will also have to be included in there.

  • If you’ve had violent behavior in your medical history, you will have to bring information in which the doctor confirms its nature (medical or psychiatric nature, or drug-related problems). Self-harm or suicide attempts should also be included here.

  • If you’ve had syphilis, you will need to provide a written certificate from your doctor in which it will be stated whether you’ve had the appropriate treatment or not. If you did not have syphilis and were still tested for it, you will have to provide some written explanation for that.

  • If anyone in your immigrating family has a particular disability, you should provide a report of their current condition, as well as any requirements that they might need due to their condition.

  • If you were tested positive for tuberculosis, you should bring a written certificate from your doctor in which it shows that you received medical treatment. You will also need to provide a report that explains exactly the course of treatment (length, medicine used, etc.).

  • If you’ve ever had a chest x-ray that looks abnormal, you may also want to bring the films. In this case, you might need the actual films, not just a written report.

Will my health condition prevent me from getting a green card?

  • If you have a common health problem such as the flu or illnesses related to old age, your chances of getting a green card will not be affected. It will only be a problem if you have a chance of affecting other people as well, which is why you should check with a list of infectious diseases.  Therefore, if the disease is contained only to you, then you are not likely to have any problems. If you have diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, or any other condition that affects just you – and not the others – then you may still be admitted into the US.

What illnesses and diseases would cause me to fail my exam?

  • Gonorrhea

  • Infectious-stage syphilis

  • Hansen’s disease (infectious leprosy)

  • Active tuberculosis

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